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MASTERCARVER® MICRO-PROTM CHAMPION SET. Create pro-quality detail! Higher carving speeds give superior carving results, smoother texturing, plus improved detailing, stoning & feathering. The new Micro-Pro Champion features an 11% increase in torque (power). With higher torque & speed up to 46,000 rpm, the Micro-ProTM has the power, speed, superior features & quality you want, priced far less than others! For better control, power flows to the handpiece by a 6’ flexible cord. The dial varies the speed from 0 to 46,000 rpm! Control box features dial speed control knob, lighted power indicator, on / off switch, overload protection, 6-burr storage holes, 110/220 Volt selector switch, forward / reverse switch (directs chips away from you & reduces grain effects).

✅ High-speed (0-46,000 RPM) Detail Carver/Grinder by Mastercarver®.
✅ Instant burr and bit and accessory changes by simply rotating blue turn-ring.
✅ Selectable forward/reverse rotation & variable speed up to 46,000 RPM.
✅ Dual voltage system: 110Volts/220Volts selector switch.
✅ Accepts 1/8″ & 3/32″ shanks. 1-Year warranty

Handpiece features high torque, fan-cooled micro motor, sealed NSK ball bearings, solid grip turn-ring for hands-free bit changes (1/4 turn releases or locks bits & collets). Handpiece specifications 46,000 rpm: L. 6”, diameter 5/8”-1”, weight: 7.3 oz. Set includes: a handpiece, 1/8” (3.18mm) and 3/32″ (2.3mm) quick change collets, variable speed power supply, tabletop, and box mounted handpiece holders, long-life motor brushes, instructions & 1-year warranty. Note burrs not included (see separate listings). For hands-free control add optional 793801 on/off foot pedal.
/>793800 Micro-Pro Set
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22 Responses to “MICRO-PRO CHAMPION SET”

  1. Robert Weise says : Reply

    There is no limit as to what you can carve with the Micro Pro Champion. It is a tremendous unit for carving. I have personally carved gun stocks, gourds, table tops, walking sticks, wooden shoes from Holland, numerous wall plaques, logo’s, drift wood, oars, just to mention a few. Be happy to furnish photos. Obviously there are more expensive units on the market, but this unit carves everything and anything I need it to carve. It also does a great job on glass. I have even carved eagles in motorcycle windshield.

  2. John Graham says : Reply

    I need to be able to cut small stars out of my gourds… Would this work for that or is it more of a carving type of unit?? Thanks so much for info! JG

    • admin says : Reply

      Yes! You may cut through the gourd and cut star shapes. This may be acomplished with the Mastercarver® 627030 2-PC MINI SAW DRILL SET. You may also carve or embellish the surface with various burrs to carve a star shape on the surface.

  3. I live in New Zealand how do i go about purchasing The Micro Pro Master Carver Champion set.

  4. Rich Root says : Reply

    While looking over reviews of the MicroPro I found a couple than were very negative about the first version. However, based on my past experience with Wood Carver’s Supply, Inc and their satisfaction and lowest price guarantees, I went ahead and purchased the instrument. I cannot adequately express just how happy and impressed with this instrument I am ! it does all I ever wanted, and more ! I use this machine not only for carving but in conjunction with Micro-Mesh 3″ swabs to produce an exquisite finish on woods such as cherry . This device easily rates 5 stars. My only request would be to have some sort of a scale included on the speed adjustment knob. BTW, Wood Carver’s Supply is in my experience, an incredibly great outfit to purchase from. – RR

  5. Michell Lemen says : Reply

    I have a Gourdmaster carver and the handpiece has died. Will this handpiece work with my existing unit?

    • admin says : Reply

      Sorry, to hear another brand of handpiece failed. However, we are glad to hear you are upgrading to a high-quality genuine Mastercarver® Micro-Pro handpiece! Yes, our handpiece will plug into your existing control box. However, for maximum benefit you may wish to order the complete set. Regardless, the difference in quality will be noticable. Thank you.

  6. Sue Rosenberg says : Reply

    I have had a Micro-Pro for over 2 years and literally use it every day for gourd crafting. It is the best tool I’ve ever used! The fact that the handset fits my hand like a pen makes it very easy to do fine detailed work. It holds tons of different drill bits which are easily changed. I was recently having problems with it running slow and after calling Timothy at customer support was quickly able to troubleshoot the problem. While waiting for my new motor brushes to arrive, I was forced to use my clunky old Dremel. It was better than Christmas when my Micro-Pro was up and running again. HIGHLY recommend!!!

  7. NANCY Burnigham says : Reply

    Can I use this carver for egg shells

    • admin says : Reply

      Yes! The Mastercarver Micro-Pro Champion set is an excellent choice for egg shell carving. It offers the ideal combination of high-speed (46,000 RPM) and high power (torque) plus the ability to use multiple shank sizes (1/8″, 3/32″ and 1/16″ with optional 793602 Collet Adapter).

      The Micro-Pro advantages over high speed air tools include: greater torque, being able to use more than just 1/16″ shanks (most air tools are limited to 1/16″ shanks), variable speed (without power loss) plus eliminating noisy and expensive air compressors needed to power the handpiece. Plus it is a lightweight portable system that works anywhere there is electrical power without requiring an air compressor and hoses.

  8. Hosting says : Reply

    While the Micro-Pro carver has slightly less power than heftier rotary tools [e.g. flex-shaft Machines), it is more than adequate for gourd carving. When using large headed burs, the tool may be strained by heavy duty carving. The tool will automatically switch off if you overload it, but can be reset and run as normal after a short cooling off period. Try to avoid excessive lugging down . Use lighter pressure.

  9. Karen says : Reply

    I am a mixed media sculpture. My old dremal tool has died. Looking for a new tool. I work with gourds, thin woods & metals, dowels, small metal rods, air dry clay and epoxy scupt. Tool needs to be able to drill, carve & sand. I have small hands and a little arthritis. Is this tool for me or do you recommend something else? Can I us my old dermal burs?

    • admin says : Reply

      The Mastercarver® Micro Pro Champion set seems ideal for your work! It accepts all of your existing Dremel burrs (3/32″ and 1/8″ shanks). Replace burr by simply moving the handpiece center turn-ring slightly. The high precision collets of the Micro Pro will run the burrs more precisely. This means smoother cuts, less vibration and longer burr life. The higher maximum speed (variable up to 46,000 RPM) will allow you to get maximum performance from burrs with smaller heads. Also the smaller size, lighter weight and excellent balance of the Micro-Pro handpiece maximize comfort over longer work sessions.

  10. admin says : Reply

    Yes! It also works great for carving wood, antler and stone (including gem stones) plus various types of metals including steel. It is used by many professional jewelers and custom knife makers to carve and grind various materials.

  11. Rick Tanner says : Reply

    Is this something I can use to carve bone? If so I would be very interested. What is the duty cycle?
    Thank You

  12. Debbie says : Reply

    Can you use any foot pedal with it.

    • admin says : Reply

      The Micro-Pro can only use the foot pedal specifically designed to connect to the box:
      793801 MICRO-PRO CHAMP ON/OFF FOOT PEDAL. Note: This is a very good quality yet low priced accessory.

  13. Pat Johnson says : Reply

    Gday, very interested in your product, wanting to know how it would go in Australia as we have 240 volt here will I need to run it through a voltage regulator? does it come with one? any info happy:) best regards

    • admin says : Reply

      The Mastercarver Micro-Pro is a dual voltage system. This means that the Mastercarver Micro-Pro can operate on any standard input voltage worldwide. The control box has a voltage selector switch located on the left side of the power supply box with two settings: 110V and 220V. The 110V setting is for countries such as the USA with standard electrical voltage from 100-Volts~120Volts. The 220V setting is for countries such as Australia and European countries with standard electrical voltage from 220-Volts~240Volts. Note: Either voltage setting will accept 60hz or 50hz (cycles) power. I hope this information helps you.

  14. David says : Reply

    Thanks to the quick response of the people at Woodcarvers Supply I received the Micro-pro Champion in time before Christmas to complete the gift I was making for my wife, a 3-dimensional Christmas tree that I cut out with a
    scroll saw and then detailed with the Micro-pro Champion. I found the Micro-pro to be as easy and enjoyable to use as the reviews and comments I found on the internet. My wife loved the gift and I’m looking forward to making future Christmas and birthday gifts with my Micro-pro Champion. As someone with no prior experience with any kind of wood carving I’m delighted that I found the product.

  15. R W says : Reply

    I gave it the top rating of 5-stars… This was purchased 2+ years ago to replace a RAM unit that died in mid project. After comparing the Micro-Pro Champion verses another RAM, I choose to buy the Micro-Pro Champ. The Micro-Pro (Mastercarver) warranty and specs were better (higher top speed). Being a little short on cash the deal clincher was the lower Micro Pro price. Playing it safe, I ordered from a reputable supplier with a money back gurantee Since this was lower priced and is used almost everyday in my work I did not expect it to last long. After more than 2-years of almost daily use, it still works perfectly! Plus it has more power and higer top RPM speed than the more expensive unit I owned before. BTW this is NOT made in China like some cheapie knock off units. I would definatnly buy again and recommend. – R W

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