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110V BURNMASTER EAGLE, 2-PENS, 10-TIPS & BAG SET. By Mastercarver® High-performance tools!TM This uncompromising set has everything you need for maximum convenience & quality wood burning. This set includes the Burnmaster Eagle 2-Port wood-burning power supply. The “Eagle” features 130-watts maximum transformer, 2-selectable handpiece power ports, 2-universal handpiece power cord/adapter sets & 2-handpiece holders. Set includes: Eagle, 2-Burnmaster® wood burning pens plus a full selection of 10-burning tips & the 779001 Mastercarver Tool Bag for storing everything! For more details about Burnmaster® EAGLE, Pen and Tips supplied in the set see below:

The Burnmaster® EAGLE 2-Port wood-burning power supply: Imagine a top quality wood burning system that accepts any pen (handpiece) regardless of manufacturer & has up to 130 watts of power! It’s not a dream, it’s the Burnmaster! The advanced design of the amazing Burnmaster is so superior it’s revolutionary! Unlike others, it accepts all major pen connection systems! So instead of being forced to use just one pen brand or buying adapters, you can choose & use virtually any pen. The Burnmaster accepts wood burning pens by Leisure Time Prod. (Detail Master), Colwood (Detailer), SMC / PJL, (Optima), Nibs, Navesink, Razertip & others with similar connections. Burnmaster controllers feature pro quality components, 130-watts max. transformer, precise variable power supply (now with micro heat adjustment), custom designed circuitry, reset fuse protection, all-metal housing (3.5″ x 4.75″ x 8.5″), non-slip rubber feet, 6′ power cord, manual & 3-year warranty. Weight: 4.5 lbs. Compare, the quality, features & value, you’ll prefer Burnmaster or your money back! The BURNMASTER® WOOD BURNING PEN features a unique, exclusive, patented design, so superior it’s incomparable! The Burnmaster® Pen is the first & only to accept replaceable tips & power from all major brands of “hot wire” wood burning systems. Made in the USA.
Benefits include:

  1. Unlimited creativity, pen accepts replaceable hot wire tips from: Burnmaster®, Detail Master (Ver.I & II), Colwood & Razertip.
  2. It connects directly to these brands of power supplies & pen patch cords: Burnmaster®, Colwood, PJL (Optima), Nibs & Razertip (adapter included). For connection to a Detail Master brand supply order optional #499000 pen patch cord (listed separately).
  3. Adjustable tip extension (Burnmaster & Detail Master tips only), for deep reach, user comfort & control.
  4. Ergonomic, self-aligning pen design, puts tip in the same position every time!
  5. Screw posts ensure positive electrical contact pressure & with use remove performance robbing micro corrosion.
  6. Gold & copper contacts ensure superior electrical conductivity & performance. Razertip adapter included. 5-3/8″.

BURNMASTER® REPLACEABLE BURNING TIPS have several important benefits. Each tip is carefully shaped from advanced alloy tip wire and features precision made copper contacts for superior electrical conductivity. Selection includes the ten most useful, popular and time-proven shapes. These ten tip shapes are ideal for most projects, including: detailing and texturing wood carvings, flat burning, gourd art and more! For maximum creative options also order the 497007 5-Tip Detail and Shading Set. Note: Burnmaster® brand tips fit Burnmaster® and Detail Master version-II replaceable style handpieces (pens). Tip length: 2-1/8″ (54mm). Warranties: 3-year power supply, 1-year pen, plus 30-day money back guarantee. This model uses standard 110-130 volt North American power Note: We also offer international 220-230 Volt models. Set price is discounted off individual prices.

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4 Responses to “110V – BURNMASTER EAGLE, 2-PENS,10-TIPS & BAG”

  1. Linda says :

    Tim [] was a wonderful seller to deal with! He was great on information and was quick to resolve any issues that arose. The Eagle burnmaster is great!! I love having two pens going at the same time. Highly recommend this product and this seller! Linda

  2. Deb says :

    STARS, STARS, AND MORE STARS! The Burnmaster Eagle is the BEST that I have found. I bought the Burnmaster Eagle set after my Detail Master Excalibre unit died, and I love it! It is very well built and sturdy, so it doesn’t slide around when using it. The “Eagle” set includes everything needed to get started, and even comes with all adapters needed to use tips and pens from all other brands. The reset button is a great feature. If the overheat protection kicks in and shuts the unit down, it saves the unit, and after checking all connections, you are back in business after pressing the reset button. The burning pen seems a bit big at first, but the grip area is triangular and fits in your hand comfortably, and since it isn’t round, there is more control while burning. It also comes with a rubber heat guard already installed. I burn for long periods of time without the pen getting too warm to hold. When it does get too warm, there is a second port on the “Eagle” so I can just switch to the other burning pen and keep working. I have used burning pens from Detail Master (which is out of business) with this unit and they work perfectly, and the plug fits into the unit without needing an adapter. I highly recommend the Burnmaster Eagle set. It is well worth spending a little extra for the excellent quality and the many extras that come with it. Extras like compatibility with pens and tips from other companies; the 3-year warranty on the unit, and 1-year warranty on the pens; the superior tech support from someone who actually returns your call promptly and is extremely knowledgeable, and very helpful, if you ever have any questions. For me, that service alone is PRICELESS!

  3. Kenneth Melton says :

    Ordered the eagle today can’t wait for it to come

  4. Billy Davis says :

    FIVE STARS*****! These guys are the “Apple” of wood burners. After trying 2-other brands I found the “game changing” Burnmaster. The first unit I bought was another brand, it had no overload protection and died. Next I bought a Canadian unit that was so underpowered it was useless! Burnmaster is much better than the others and well worth the slightly higher price! My only regret is not buying Burnmaster first… Well at least Burnmaster lets me use my full collection of other brands of pens and wire tips. The amazing thing is that it actually runs these tips and pens better than the original units they came with! The Burnmaster pen has better electrical contact and is easier to use. I know a little about electronics. The design of this patented unit took the industry to another level. Everything is well thought out and overbuilt. Stuff like reset overload protection (I fried a unit made by another company that did not have overload protection), copper contact rods on the tips (makes em last longer and extends reach for the inside of bowels) plus a huge transformer that maintains constant heat at any level I set. Oh yeah, a 3-year warranty but the way this is built they could cover it for 30-years! BTW the tip selection included is almost exactly the same shapes as what I found out I use the hard way (I also got the 3-piece ball tip set and love it). The Eagle and Hawk are nearly identical in specs but the Eagle allows 2-pens and came with a nifty bag so I splurged on the Eagle set. If you buy Burnmaster first it will be your last unit!