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DETAILING SET Mastercarver Hand-Forged tools are used and recommended by leading professional wood carvers and teachers. These are fine quality tools at the lowest cost of any major brand. Hand forged from high carbon tool steel, blades are expertly hardened & tempered to Rc 58-62 hardness. Forged “socket” traps wood handle fibers and prevent splitting. A joy to use, blades are extra thin & sharpened with low angles (22 degrees) to slice wood with minimal effort. Selections vary slightly but typically contain the following 20-tools: #1-3mm, #1-10mm, #2-6mm, #3-8mm, #4-12mm, #5-3mm, #5-10mm, #6-16mm, #7-10mm, #8-8mm, #8-16mm, #9-6mm, #10-12mm, #11-8mm, #21-6mm, #28-12mm, #32-6mm, #39-10mm, #49-3mm, #49-6mm & heavy duty canvas tool roll. All gouges & chisels are fishtails for better maneuverability, V-tools have negative (reverse) rake for cleaner cuts in cross and end grain. Features durable, socket style birch wood handles. Includes 20 tools & canvas tool roll. Length 9.5″. Pre-sharpened (ready to carve).
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  1. Ray says :

    I have started experimenting with wood carving, and found it to be a very enjoyable hobby. As with all beginnings you have to start somewhere, and I began with a couple of knives and some hobby chisels, that resembled some pretty blunt objects. They were not very expensive so I did not expect much. I had been looking for a decent set of chisels to practice with, and I did not have $400 dollars or more to buy a typical German made set. Many carving articles recommending buying them one at a time due to the cost of a quality chisel. I was adamant that I wanted a fairly complete set, so that I could determine which ones would be the most useful to me. Mastercarver was the starter set I decided on and I purchased the detail set. I wanted to carve faces and figurines and such. I got my set for Christmas and was very surprised to find that it is very good quality, sharp, right out of the box, and included an assortment that will fill my needs now and in the future. Initially, my intention was to start with Mastercarver, figure out my favorite tools and then buy the high end German Chisels a piece at a time. My experience thus far has caused me to change my approach, and if I do need any different chisels, I will now purchase the Mastercarver Chisels as they are comfortable, hold an edge well, and so far, have only needed to be stropped after use. They are a great, quality set, with a sizable assortment, delivered at an excellent price point and have exceeded my expectations. Great job Mastercarver!